I have been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out exactly what to say to the acro community. we have a habit of flopping down on whatever mat is available and granted we're generally wearing clothing but usually bare shoulders, and of course bare hands and bare feet to bare shoulders or shins (most other places we'd be in contact with would have cloth in between)

I'm about to walk into a dance and I'm thinking about that, too.

I guess I'm thinking a whole lot about what constitutes extended contact and how are mats and bedding alike and dissimilar.

almost nobody is masking outside for acro or dance at this point.

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A big tangent on the shapes of the virus - yea I'm having a hard time seeing a 'brick' too. In Human anatomy when I teach about the endocrine system for example, all textbooks describe the thymus gland as 'butterfly shaped' but to me i think of it as a bow tie - not only in its shape but it sits nearly exactly where a bow tie does! Such better way for students to remember it! and texts also explain adrenal glands as 'pyramid shaped' where really, to me anyway, one does look that way, but the other is more like a crescent moon - again a much better way to get students to distinguish the right one from the left one. I find right vs left to be very important as i teach students in medical professions and when they complain about needing to know right vs left for the exams i remind them that in a few yrs when they are doing medical procedures, I want them to be doing it on the proper side of the body! :)

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I wonder how protected I am from monkeypox. I was in the last cohort to be vaccinated, back in the 1960s, with the old-school Vaccinia inoculation.

Hmm ...


That says some protection, but not 100%, which fails to shock me.

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How should those of us who use communal laundries in our apartment buildings deal w/clothes washing if infected/not? Also, many things don’t get washed on hot or dried.

NYC DOH’s advice concerns only those who own machines, CDC tells you to work with local DOH (!)

I know this is PH, not virology, but every coop/condo/managing agent shouldn’t have to figure this out.


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