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I am immensely gratified to read a thought I expressed in the comments here in your essay: that the best defense for the acro community is just that: being and acting like a community.

Question for when you get back to monkeypox: what are the odds someone will develop an OTC test?

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Could you do a something on the various polio vaccines, specifically the Salk, & the level of protection adults & seniors in NYC might have.

I am unable to find anything re: the # of doses for Salk but, having had it & asking a friend, very unlikely to have been 4. One, maybe 2 seems more likely.

Searches revealed Salk had lowest efficacy vs. Type 1, the most common Type, at least at the time, and that it wanes.

“The Salk vaccine was declared 90% effective against Types II and III poliovirus and 60 to 70% effective against Type I.”


“Some disadvantages of the Salk vaccine in that time were the decrease of the titres of the circulating antibody within a few years of vaccination”


FYI, NYC DOH just published a polio vax under age 5 Zip Code map. Much is what you’d expect, some is shocking (Battery Park City is one of the 5 lowest???). It is a PDF and, as of last night, not on their site. If you Google, it comes up.

And many thanks for the extensive & nuanced laundry response. I sent it to friends who found it very informative.

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