Oct 31, 2022Liked by John Skylar, PhD

I wrapped up my participation in the Pfizer Covid vaccine study two weeks ago, and promptly went and got the new bivalent booster a few days later. This booster didn't faze me at all. I didn't even have a sore arm.

I was offered the chance to participate in Pfizer's mRNA flu vaccine study, but unfortunately I had already received a flu vaccine. Procrastination would have served me well.

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Congratulations and thank you for completing that clinical study!

Hilariously, I saw an ad for the mRNA flu vaccine trial literally a moment after I returned home from getting FluCelVax.

I like the idea of the mRNA flu vaccine but I am somewhat concerned about its utility in regular seasonal outbreaks. It allows more agile manufacturing in response to new variants (maybe good, if you could see what's circulating earlier in the season and vaccinate against that) but adds meaningful problems with storage and delivery. OTOH there is a good argument for working this technology out *now* so that it is available and tooled up for the next influenza pandemic.

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I got the mRNA flu vaccine study request yesterday. Unfortunately, the nearest study location to me is a two-hour trip, so I'm getting regular flu vaccine tomorrow.

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I just ran across this article on viral hybridization research, and I think it would be a really good topic for a future newsletter!


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