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In the newsletter you mentioned that next issue, you’ll talk about Ebola viruses.

Currently, there are (as far as we know) five Ebola viruses. For only one Ebola-virus, the Zaire Ebolavirus, there is currently a vaccine available.

Although, there does seem to be a vaccine that targets Sudan ebolavirus from Mercks, that was developed but not tested because there were no Sudan-Ebola outbreaks, see this Science article.

"Merck locates frozen batch of undisclosed Ebola vaccine, will donate for testing in Uganda’s outbreak"


Are these five Ebola-viruses so different from each other, and what makes them so different, that the Zaire Ebola-vaccin can´t be used against the other Ebola-strains? I read somewhere that they tested in a lab the Zaire-vaccin antibodies against Sudan Ebola-strain, and they did not react.

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One of my comments about walensky was that vax is a dice roll modifier not a force field, so very frequent exposure also matters, and she tended to either not mask or maybe cloth mask in indoor spaces with others.

The timing of her announcement was of course poetic. There was still a whole lot of traffic on Twitter from the day before when she made a post about avoiding c19 that included washing your hands and did not include anything about the air. Not ventilation not filtration not masks.

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